Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - Related Youtube Videos

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - related Youtube videos

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Here are links to the Youtube files referenced in the ATS thread Japan declares nuclear emergency after quake. These have been extracted up to page 1350 and there are 1778 unique links in this list. To save the page source, please right-click and save-as. If you hover the mouse over the link, you will see the poster, and the original link-text supplied by them.

Notes: The list is sorted in page number order, the urls which cannot be read from where I am located, are marked in yellow background. This does not mean they are definitely unavailable, but just that current restrictions may mean that I cannot read the originals from the source website. Where possible I have read the titles from within the Youtube page, but failing that, I have assigned either the link text or the domain name as the title (see linktext note above). Uploaded date is taken from the Youtube page. Recently, I dissed Google, thinking that they had stopped the reading of titles from Youtube. Thats not so, I can still read titles. Small program bug - Sorry Google. I hope that this website is useful in documenting this disastrous Fukushima Nuclear Reactor episode in Earths history.

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