Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - Related PDF Files

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - related PDF files

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Here are links to the image files referenced in the ATS thread Japan declares nuclear emergency after quake. These have been extracted up to page 1351 and there are 3126 unique links in this list. However, there were also approximately 30% exact duplicates which I have removed. To save the page source, please right-click and save-as. If you hover the mouse over the link to the pdf, you will see the poster, and the original page number where the image is to be found.

Notes: The list is sorted in page number order, the images which cannot be read from where I am located, have not been included. This does not mean they are definitely unavailable, but just that current restrictions may mean that I cannot read the originals from the source website. This makes this list incomplete and so consequently, we will not have all images referenced in the thread. Filenames are often meaningless as they are assigned a random number when saved in ATS members areas. The result of this is that there is no way to tie each image to anything other than page and post number. I hope that this is useful in documenting this sorry and possibly the final episode in Earths history.

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