Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Related Information

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Related information

Impressive, isn't it? Yes, well, when it is all dressed up for a photo-shoot with pretty lights and bright colours it is. However, what we have seen at Fukushima in Japan is that behind this glossy exterior there is a massive killing machine. In Fukushima, there are at least 3, and possibly 4, nuclear reactors which are out of control and which are spewing radiation into the environment on a 24/7 basis.

If you have been following events like I have, you probably read one or more forum threads where people who really care, try to find out the truth of the situation. The saddest thing about this whole Fukushima disaster is that Japanese government and TEPCO, the company running the Fukushima reactor site, have not been honest in the release of information. This causes many hardships now for the local people and will cause them disease and death in the future.

You may have thought that this situation is all under control. For some reason, the mainstream media does not want to give this disaster much air-time or print-space. When it does, it often down-plays the seriousness and we do not get the impression of urgency and importance that this event truly deserves.

Perhaps thinking that I am making a Big Deal of this helps you deal with the effects we will all feel in the coming months and years? If you think I am over-dramatising the situation, I invite you to read the following threads and visit the websites mentioned below. Thread Part I is a monster 1400 pages on the AboveTopSecret forum, Part II is here and is going well at 130+ pages. Another large one is on the Physics Forums site. Also, there are some useful links to articles and news stories giving information on the situation at the Cybermacro site here and a wealth of information on this site too.

If you have any doubts about the seriousness of this disaster, take a look at the building which was reactor No. 3 below. From the photograph, it is not really clear just how large these buildings are. The size of the reactor in the first picture above may give you some clue. If you look at some of the images of the aftermath of the tsunami, you will notice tiny, tiny red fire engines spraying water to cool the fuel rods. If you can find the fire engines, it will give some sense of scale. These buildings are enormous. (More links at the bottom of the page)

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